Guadalajara, Mexico

A culture rich and beautiful city in one of the worlds top countries for medical tourism, Mexico welcomes over 20 million international patients a year, seeking top quality medical care.

In 2020, Verita Neuro brought its Epidural Stimulation treatment to Latin America, opening in the San Javier Hospital and making our breakthrough treatments more accessible to the public in the Americas.

Since its opening in 1994, Hospital San Javier has developed into a leading facility with exceptional physical and technological and a center for unique specialties. It was the first hospital in the West of Mexico to obtain certification as a “Specialty Hospital” in October 2000. Awarded by the General Health Council, based on the Hospital Certification Program decree, it has been recertified in every renewal period.

Our Verita Neuro experts work closely with the highly qualified professionals at San Javier to deliver our next-generation treatment. As San Javier is a hub for specialist treatments, the hospital and team have experience in delivering the latest techniques with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guadalajara, México

Travel from other countries, especially the US, to Mexico for medical treatment is quite common. Mexico has long offered treatments which are awaiting approval by strict US regulations and is renowned for the innovative and high-quality medical care available.

For many countries, a tourist visa is easily available for up to 180 days. All entrants are required to apply for a tourist FMM e-card, but this is an easy online process. And our customer support team can offer advice and help throughout the process.

Guadalajara ‘s nearest airport is Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport. A major hub for connections, the airport is a primary gateway to the US. Our team can help you to organize transit for the short 45 minutes from the airport into the city. It is the second largest in Mexico and it has a developed infrastructure. The hospital is located in a quiet, low rise area, which is wheelchair-friendly and green.

Guadalajara is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations and is generally recognized as safe. Tourists are extremely rarely the targets of any crime and the majority of the city is very safe. The culture in Guadalajara is traditionally Mexican and many expatriates retire here for a slower and more relaxed pace of life. 

All of our global sites, including Guadalajara, deliver the same advanced treatment protocols, which were developed by our expert core team and medical board members. Our doctors in Mexico are the first to bring some of our revolutionary treatments to Latin America and have a plethora of experience with both research in the field and surgeries.


Our revolutionary, next-generation treatments are available in our Guadalajara center, bringing our evidence-based and proven methods to the Americas. The main services we offer in Mexico are Epidural Stimulation Surgery & Regenerative Treatment. We provide treatment for spinal cord injury patients, paralysis treatment, stroke treatment and treatment for a broad range of neurological conditions and disorders. See the full range of our treatments available below.

Bringing the treatments of tomorrow to the patients of today

Meet our team in Guadalajara, México

The Mexico team, in collaboration with the Hospital San Javier team, is made up of world-leading experts in the field. They have a great deal of research expertise, which combined with their practical experience and expertise make them an exceptionally strong team.